Democratic Candidates for Governor

The leading Democrat candidates for Governor each support active state and local government planning and control of broadband networks.


abdul el-sayed

  • Critical of private sector ISPs
  • Proposes building networks owned and operated by state and local governments
  • Will spend $2 billion over 25 years to build FTTH networks, with up to 20% of those funds earmarked for private ISPs to build networks "in areas where public provision is unfeasible" (doesn't elaborate on why those areas would be feasible for private networks)

shri thanedar

  • Wants to "invest in universal wireless internet to bring desperately needed economic growth to rural areas"
  • Proposes a new state agency "to set a course for the planning and implementation of infrastructure repair, setting priorities and making expenditures where necessary"

Gretchen Whitmer

  • Will commission report to determine need and create a state broadband map
  • Proposes installing conduit for fiber during all road construction projects
  • Supports expanding Merit Network and government-owned networks