5.        The Grand Hotel Is SLOOOOWWWWWLLLLYYYY Replacing Paper Registration Forms – When you register for ComPulse, you need to fill out two forms. The Grand Hotel requires you to fax or email their room registration form (faxable version available here and fillable form to email is here) and you’re also required to fill out the convention event registration form (available here). If you don’t fill out both forms, you may find yourself sleeping in one of the many horse stables scattered around the island. NOT GOOD!

6.         Get the Hotel Form Submitted, Like, Now – Let’s say you’ve just read Number 5 but are too busy to fill out both registration forms at this very instant. Cool, we get it. Now let’s say you wait until you’re less busy but don’t realize our room block is completely spoken for. Not cool. At the very least, go back up to the hotel room forms and get one submitted, like, a few seconds ago. We’ll take your meeting registration for the next several weeks, but hotel rooms will be gone long before meeting room space.

7.         Dress Codes Shmess Codes – Many people see the evening dress code for the Grand Hotel and wonder “Do I have to dress up all the time?” The answer is definitely not. In fact, the only time the dress code applies is when you’re in a public hotel space (lobby, bars, restaurants, etc.) after 6:30 p.m. You are free to come and go from your room at the hotel in non-dress up clothes at any time you wish. The hotel dress code does not apply to the Grand Hotel’s offsite properties, The Jockey Club, The Gate House or The Woods, nor does it apply to Cupola Bar at the top of the Grand Hotel (one of our favorite places).

8.         Eat In or Venture Out, You’re the Boss – In prior visits to the Grand Hotel for ComPulse, breakfast and dinner have been included in our room rates. This led some attendees to ask for more flexibility, which we’re happily providing this year. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of meals that will/will not be provided as part of the convention:

  • Tuesday (Sept. 12): No meals provided (just drinks and hors d oeuvres at Chairman’s Reception).

  • Wednesday (Sept. 13): Breakfast and lunch offered to convention attendees and registered guests. Dinner and magical entertainment offered to attendees and registered guests at Mind Bending Banquet (separate fee applies).

  • Thursday (Sept. 14): Breakfast offered to convention attendees and registered guests.

The Grand Hotel offers excellent food and service but there’s a whole culinary island to explore. Here’s a list of island restaurants for you to consider.