Jennifer M. Greenburg joined the Telecommunications Association of Michigan as its government policy director in May 1998.  She was promoted to vice president in 2019.

Jennifer has worked on numerous issues related to telecom companies, including major rewrites of the Michigan Telecommunications Act (MTA), video franchise reform, 911 funding and tax matters.

Before joining the association, Jennifer was legislative director for Senator Mat Dunaskiss, Chairman of the Senate Technology & Energy Committee and the sponsor of the MTA.  Jennifer was responsible for telecommunications and public utilities issues for Senator Dunaskiss.

Starting with her tenure in the legislature and continuing through today, Jennifer has developed excellent relationships with key legislators and staff in the house, senate, Governor's office and the Michigan Public Service Commission.  In addition to legislative experience, Jennifer has an extensive background in campaigns and fundraising.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Michigan State University and is involved in a variety of community activities.